The year 2022 for ZETO Software is a year of changes – changes for the better. We started by changing the name of the specialized IT system PUMA to Respons. Next, Platforma eUsług dla Mieszkańca – our eservice platform for residents – was renamed as Publico. The whole environment of the services created and provided for the public sector was named Zeto GOV.

And, there are more changes to come! The catalogue of Zeto GOV products was enlarged thanks to the addition of electronic document flow system EDICTA, which has been hereto owned by Asseco Data Systems. Moreover, the ZETO family got expanded after it was joined by a new company named ZETO Solutions, which purchased author and property rights to the EDICTA system, at the same time taking over their team of specialists and all existing clients.

All of the above activities and changes are aimed at increasing the quality of IT solutions delivered for you. What never changes is the high standards of the services we provide to our clients and partners.